November 11, 2013, Kunstuni Linz

Workshop: 1:1 Intervention - Zum Abriss freigegeben - Lunzerstr.

Photo: Alternative Route © Iris Nobauer

1:1 Intervention - Zum Abriss freigegeben - Lunzerstr.

Workshop: 11.11.2013 - 15.11.2013 // Lunzerstraße 42, Linz
Closing critique: 30. 01.2014 // 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. // Lunzerstraße 42, Linz
Guided tour: 31.01.2014 - 02.02.2014 // 2 p.m. // Lunzerstraße 42, Linz

Guest critic:
Workshop: Muck Petzet
Closing critique: Sabine Pollak, Christoph Weidinger, Christoph Wiesmayr

The Lunzerstraße is situated in the south of Linz at the site of the vest alpine in-between the production buildings on the one side and the directly adjoining natural environment of the lower Traunlauf on the other side. The Lunzerstraße is a place of modification and transformation. Here in the end of the Second World War forced labourers of the "Hermann-Göring Werke" were place in the external camp of the KZ Mauthausen. 1972 the camp was demolished and apprentices - and workers housing were built on the very spot. These housing were transformed into a facilities for asylum applicants and refugees which had to be closed after ten years. Today most of these buildings are empty and are supposed to be demolished again till 2014. From this situation two site specific tasks, that the student worked on, emerged: Developing scenarios for the time after demolition or developing alternative scenarios to demolition. 

During the intensive week in the middle of november the students occupied, inhabited and worked at the top levels of one of the buildings. A series of on-site interventions were developed. Here the students had the chance to test for one week the potentials and problems of the site, before they started their concrete design projects. Question needed to be answered: What is neccessary for sleeping, eating, resting, thinking and to survive? The results were on-site-interventions, which were an integral part of the project. To be not in the middle of nowhere, the site was named Lunz in Linz.


Students: Claudia Bönisch, Nicolas Brendle, Maria Aglia Dau, Costanza Coletti, Anna Firak, Felix Ganzer, Julius Jell, Hannah Kordes, Chloe Montagnat, Iris Nöbauer, Andrej Pohajda
Tutors: Matthias Böttger, Franz Koppelstätter, Katharina Weinberger; Sustainable Architecture + Spatial Tactics
Department: Sustainable Architecture + Spatial Tactics


Description of 1:1 intervention and projects of  "Zum Abriss freigegeben - Lunzerstr./Linz"
Project documentation (in German) of students "Lunz in Linz"
Kunstuni Linz