May 22, 2014, DAZ Berlin

Y-Table Talk: In Extenso - Erweitert: Performance

Photo: Agnès Violeau with Matthias Böttger, Léa Gauthier and Christian Jankowski © Gerhard Haug


Y- Table Talk: 22.5.2014 // 7 p.m. // DAZ, Berlin

How can performance be part of the curatorial process? What issues for live practices arise from use of space? When it comes to performance, how can one reveal the physicality of where the action takes place and question terms such as re-make, translation, transposition? Is interpretation a way to reenact or go off-script from the original creation?

Curator Agnès Violeau will talk about performance with writer and philo- sopher Léa Gauthier and artist Christian Jankowski at the DAZ Y-Table.

Artistic direction of In Extenso - Erweitert: Marc Bembekoff (Curator), Matthias Böttger (DAZ), Cathy Larqué (Bureau des arts plastiques, Institut français).

A Project by the Bureau des arts plastiques of the Institut français in cooperation with the DAZ

Mediapartner: Arte Creative (french), Bpigs   

Trailer of the Y-table-talk
Video of the Y-table-talk
Jeunes Commissaires (in french)

Project description and more dates of In Extenso - Erweitert 


Photo: Performance © Gerhard Haug

Photo: Performance © Gerhard Haug

Photo: Performance © Gerhard Haug

Photo: Kuratorin Agnès Violeau © Gerhard Haug

Photo: Critic and philosopher Léa Gauthier  © Gerhard Haug

Photo: Artist Christian Jankowski © Gerhard Haug

Photo: Léa Gauthier, Agnès Violeau and Christian Jankowski at the Y-Table © Gerhard Haug