September 24, 2015, DAZ Berlin

Performance: “Public Apology” – within the frame of A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE

Photo © Dennis Rudolph


Performance: 24.9.2015 // 7p.m. // DAZ, Köpenicker Straße 48/49, 10179 Berlin

within the framework of the exhibition A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE

On September 24, the artist  Dennis Rudolph presents a public apology projected live into one part of the exhibition A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE, which is curated by Agnès Violeau. He explains:

"Some of you know of the portal project in California City and some of you even have been involved in some way or the other. Some of you might have been estranged of how and where I chose to take the portal project or where it chose to take me. Many of you have supported me never the less and put their trust in me, even though, today, every one of you has good reason to be critical of me.

Dennis Rudolph has been working on the public art project The portal, a gateway between heaven and hell in California City, CA, USA, since 2012. The project is in a severe crisis. On Thursday, Sept 24, 7pm, in A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE Rudolph will give a public apology concerning his own critical position within the project.

To have the chance to speak directly to the people who have been closely involved with the project, Rudolph wants to create a separated intimate space for his performance which is exclusive. The speech can be seen live simultaneously on a flat screen in the main exhibition room without personal invitation. By creating a space within the space that is exclusive and public at the same time Rudolph tries to locate the paradoxical thresholds of a society that is working on the denial of all thresholds including in particular the very last one."

A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE is a performative and narrative exhibition conceived by three curators –Karima Boudou, Céline Poulin, Agnès Violeau – to probe notions of social context, public space and performance as possible discursive platforms. It is a project by the Bureau des arts plastiques of the Institut français and DAZ. 


Further side events:

19.10.2015 // 6 pm // DAZ  –  Reading group with architect Joanne Pouzenc: The readings will focus on forgotten revolutionary movements related to the new communities at the river Spree.
19.10.2015 // 8 pm  // DAZ –  Screening "The diggers" by Ali Cherri: The artist will present his film „The Diggers“ and discuss it with his research on archaeology in the Arab World.
08.11.2015 // 7 pm // DAZ – Lecture by Jason Dodge: As a conclusion, the artist holds a narrative lecture echoing speech and public space.


Jeunes Commissare
Dennis Rudolph / Project California City