September 20, 2013, DAZ Berlin

Opening: Das Numen Momentum

Foto © Till Budde

Das Numen Momentum 
Opening: 20.9.2013 // 7 pm // DAZ, Berlin
Exhibition: 21.9. - 10.11.2013, Wed - Sun 2 - 7 pm // DAZ, Berlin

The "Das Numen Momentum" installation, shown now for the first time, creates a spatial experience within a universe of constructed ideas. t’s less about presenting a work than about influencing perception at the moment of immediate reception. Upon entering the darkened gallery, bright points of light arc and spin above head, zipping, whirring, tracing the darkness with circular patterns of different sizes. We strain to discern the movement of these lights. How are they flying? Do their movements repeat?able upon entry to the darkened room. "Das Numen Momentum" and the ambition to capture the universe in a single room could, as a thought experiment, show us new ways of perceiving our world. 

Created by the "Das Numen" artist collective – Julian Charrière, Markus Hoffmann, Andreas Greiner and Felix Kiessling – the exhibition is concerned with the physical experience of space. In that spirit, the installation interprets sun signals transmitted from space via live stream. “Das Numen Momentum” appears to translate cosmic signals into something sensible, perceptible, yet remains confounding.

The exhibition also takes on the question of representation in exhibition making. Architecture, or buildings, resists gallery exhibitions – tools of representation like models, photographs or drawings are required. Perhaps “Das Numen Momentum”, with its ambition to bring the universe into a room, could be instructive – even as a thought experiment – in opening new ways to show our world to ourselves.

The exhibition  "Das Numen Momentum" is curated by Carson Chan.
Speaking at the opening: Carson Chan, Exhibition Curator · Matthias Böttger Artistic Director DAZ 

Side events: 

8.10.2013: Night Viewing (Pole Shift)
A night viewing through the exhibition at the DAZ. The solar magnetic field changes its polarity approximately every eleven years. Such a magnetic field reversal happenes in October 2013.

22.10.2013: Field Trip

Visit of the Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik in Potsdam. The Institute collects and processes the data that lead to the pulse that puts "The Numen MOMENTUM" in motion.

5.11.2013: Night Viewing (Mixed Taste)
A night viewing through the exhibition at the DAZ. The installation is interpreted in dialogue with an external guest.



Foto © Till Budde

Foto © Till Budde

Foto © Jeromie Dorrance