September 18, 2014, Essen

Lecture at WBGU's expert hearing – German Advisory Council on Global Change


Lecture: "World in Transition – The Urban Agenda: Transformation towards Sustainability" // Expert Hearing of WBGU // Essen // 09.18.2014

Prof. Matthias Böttger, Prof. Dr. Stefan Carsten


The German Federal Government set up the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) as an independent, scientific advisory body in 1992 in the run-up to the Rio Earth Summit (UNCED). WBGU publishes flagship reports, choosing its themes independently. In special reports and policy papers the WBGU also comments on current events, such as international climate conferences or Germany's dual presidency in the EU and G8 in 2007. The duties of the WBGU also include to raise public awareness and heighten the media profile of global change issues.