November 10, 2014, Sofia

1st Bulgarian Future Workshop


Future Workshop: 10.-11.11.2014 //  1st Bulgarian Future Workshop // Goethe-Institut, Sofia

Recently, art and culture are entrusted with more and more tasks. Wherever you look in Europe, expectations arise: that Arts Education might enable disadvantaged groups to be better integrated into society, that artists’ creativity might lead to a blooming local economy, that cultural heritage might enhance and strengthen national identity and that people could spend their leisure time more meaningful and inspired by attending cultural festivals. How is that in Bulgaria? Where will Bulgaria’s future lead to? What do you expect from arts and culture, and how do you want to shape the future?

On November 10th and 11th the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria held a future workshop on these issues. The aim was to explore trends, issues and challenges in the Bulgarian cultural landscape and the social environment. The workshop was not limited to art and culture, but included social and political perspectives. It was meant to address Bulgarian issues, Bulgarian futures, Bulgaria's position in Europe and the manifold relations between Bulgaria and Germany.

In addition to around 25 Bulgarian participants four German guests were invited, including Leona Lynen from raumtaktik.

The results of the 2-day future workshop will be available shortly at