March 31, 2015, DAZ Berlin

Talk: Postmodern Architecture - Time for a reassessment?


Talk: Postmodern Architecture - Time for a reassessment?
Talk: 31.03.2015 // 7 p.m. // DAZ Glashaus, Köpenickerstr. 48/49, 10179 Berlin

In the current issue of frieze d/e, Oliver Elser turns his attention to postmodernism.“Speaking to architects today it is all but impossible to find anyone who refers positively to postmodern architecture. It is as passionately derided as the historicism of the 19th century was vilified by the modernist architects around 1920.” But is this repudiation not a paradox given the “still-ongoing Stone Age of Berlin architecture”? And what about the concurrent revival of postmodernism? There seems to be a rediscovery in process – of the postmodern mannerism and of the virtues of “pop architecture” by luminaries like Denise Scott Brown and Hans Hollein.

Curator Oliver Elser, DAM Frankfurt, will discuss (in German) these developments with architect Wilfried Kuehn, Kuehn Malvezzi, who co-created an exhibition on Hans Hollein in 2014.

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Photo: Oliver Elser in the discussion with Wilfried Kuehn at DAZ © Till Budde

Photo: Jörg Heiser at DAZ © Till Budde

Photo: Oliver Elser © Till Budde

Photo: Wilfried Kuehn © Till Budde

Photo: Matthias Böttger © Till Budde

Photo: Talk "Postmodern Architecture - Time for a reassessment?" © Till Budde

Photo © Till Budde