June 27, 2013, Kunstuni Linz

Final presentation: Design Studio - Perfect City Block - Archipel Berlin 2050

Photo: Judith Kinzl presents the customizing principles of her proposal "Neuron" © Michael Zinner


Final presentation: Desin Studio - Perfect City Block - Archipel Berlin 2050
Final presentation: 27.06.2013 // 1 - 4 p.m. // seminar room on 4th floor, Hauptplatz, Kunstuni Linz

Proposals deal always with the future and provide themselves with ideas and observations from the presence and past. Architcts often believe to know the allegedly better future. But no one knows the future.

Starting from the Scenario WattLand 2050 it is zoomed into the ARCHIPELAGEO BERLIN 2050. The ARCHIPELAGO protrudes as one of many metropolitan regions from the WattLand. A city block on the Kurfürstenstraße was the focus of the Berlin-Workshops and and Design Studio "Perfect City Block - Archipel Berlin 2050". Students  of Architecture / Sustainable Architecture + Spatial Tactics  present well-considered, robust Designs, which refer to parallels, possible futures, speculations and what-ifs and which do not exclude fragile, progressive ideas. 

As guest critics Lukas Feireiss, curator and editier of numerous books and exhibitions as well as Sabine Pollak, architect in Vienna and director of the department Urbanistik at the Kuntuni Linz are invited. 

Students: Julius Jell, Costanza Coletti, Judith Kinzl, Anna Firak, Hannah Korde
Tutors: Matthias Böttger, Franz Koppelstätter, Katharina Weinberger
Department: Architektur, Sustainable Architecture + Spatial Tactics


Project description Perfect City Block
Kunstuni Linz


Photo: Hannah Kordes presents her proposal "Vertikale Kommune" © Michael Zinner

Photo: Hannah Kordes explains her proposal with the aid of the model © Michael Zinner

Photo: Julius Jell presents his future vision "Stadt über Stadt" © Michael Zinner

Photo: With the aid of the model Julius Jell explains his vision "Stadt über Stadt" © Michael Zinner

Photo: Anna Firak presents her design proposition "WERK.BERG" © Michael Zinner

Photo: Anna Firak presents "WERKBERG" her vision of an habitable compost heap © Michael Zinner