July 21, 2012, Berlin

Talk BMW Guggenheim Lab Berlin: Raumtaktik - The Future is the New "But": Wild Speculations about the Future of Cities

Guggenhiem Lab // Pfefferberg // Berlin // 21.07.2012 // 4 pm

Join us for a workshop with Raumtaktik–Office from a Better Future to investigate the future of urban and rural environments. We’ll explore the cultural, ecological and political parameters that determine the design of architecture and urban planning.

At Raumtaktik (spatial tactics), Matthias Böttger, architect and artistic director of Deutsches Architektur Zentrum (DAZ), and Ludwig Engel, futurologist, join with partners from the arts, politics, and industry on future-related themes like globalization, migration, economic and ecological transformation, participation, and activation of space.

This program is in English and German.

Highlights from the Berlin Lab, Week 6