December 6, 2011, Berlin

Slides, Drawings, a Book and a Conversation DAZ: Erik Göngrich: The Beginning of the Misunderstanding


Slides, Drawings, a Book and a Conversation // DAZ // 6.12.2011 // 8 pm

Artist and architect Erik Göngrich (b. 1966) examines the misunderstandings that took hold in the public consciousness alongside the International Modern and functional architecture. What are our notions of urbanity today and to what extent do they reflect our urban reality? He takes a sculptural view of the informal qualities of the public sphere and is an active archivist of the transformations of public space – some of which he effected, others of which he discovered.

Lecture-Performance by Erik Göngrich using an overhead projection, two original drawings, two slide projections.Afterwards, a conversation with Matthias Böttger.

Foto: Erik Göngrich


Erik Göngrich