August 22, 2012, Berlin

Performance and Discussion DAZ: Aufgeführte Architektur in Le Corbusiers Unités d'habitation Berlin und Marseille - Das Wort haben die Benützer / La Parole est aux Usagers


Performance & Discussion  // DAZ //  22.08.2012 // 7 pm

Bill Dietz (Composer, Ensemble Zwischentöne) and Janina Janke (Director, Oper Dynamo West) have developed site-specific sound and video installations for Le Corbusier’s Unités d’habitation in Marseille and Berlin. They interviewed residents of these quasi-identical structures about their personal stories and relationships with these manifestations of architectural utopias.

In a performance and discussion, guests from the arts and music as well as residents of the Berlin Unité come together at the DAZ-Y-Table. "Performed architecture" is thereby understood as an extension of Le Corbusier's concept of a "promenade architecturale".

Performances in the Unité Berlin run from August 23rd – September 2nd 2012.

Discussion round with:
Franziska Seeberg / director
Frank Oberhäußer / director
Dr. Julia H. Schröder / musicologist
Petra Goldmann / cultur im corbusierhaus
Project team and residents of the house of Corbusier
Music by Ensemble Zwischentöne


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