In Extenso – Erweitert: 
How to rethink space and matter?

A project by Bureau des arts plastiques of the Institut français in cooperation with the DAZ, Berlin 2014/215



The Bureau des arts plastiques of the Institut français develops, in the frame of the program for young curators Jeunes Commissaires, and in cooperation with the DAZ, the project In Extenso – Erweitert and poses the question How to rethink space and matter? Four French - Agnès Violeau, Karima Boudou, Céline Poulin und Florence Ostende - curators have been invited to dedicate themselves to the themes of Performance, Social Context, Public Space and Storytelling in an experimental process based on a series of public discussions and workshops.

An open ongoing exchange between themselves and invited artists, architects and thinkers should emerge. Within the interface between architecture and various disciplines of the fine arts the possibility of an extended interaction presents itself to all participants.

That shift of context, which implies performative as well as narrative forms of expression integrates the physical space as well as the social context. In the project’s second phase starting September 2015 the curators will be invited to present the outcome of these curatorial laboratories in The DAZ. 

Artistic direction of In Extenso - Erweitert: Marc Bembekoff (Independent Curator), Matthias Böttger (DAZ), Cathy Larqué (Bureau des arts plastiques, Institut français).

Mediapartner: Arte Creative, Bpigs

Jeunes Commissaires

In Extenso – Erweitert events:
PERFORMANCE – Agnès Violeau
SOCIAL CONTEXT – Karima Boudou
PUBLIC SPACE – Céline Poulin
STORYTELLING – Florence Ostende


Photo: Y-Table-Dinner © DAZ 

Photo: Agnès Violeau © Marlene Müller

Photo: Karima Boudou © Marlene Müller

Photo:  Céline Poulin und Florence Ostende © Marlene Müller